03 December 2008

If You Feel A Bit Down ...

Perhaps what the Hierarchy of England and Wales is for is to demonstrate that national Episcopal Conferences are a bad thing. The cardinabile Bishops have demonstrated one by one why they are not fit to lead anything with Catholic in the title (I read the wikipedia aricle on EWTN earlier and it made me laugh to read: "The name "Eternal Word" was selected, instead of a name with the term "Catholic" for a specific reason. Under Catholic canon law, any organization with the word "Catholic" in it must be completely under the control of the Bishop whose dioceses it resides in").

But the eternal clock of the Church continues to tick, even in England and Wales. It isn't a querelous tick: that tick exists, particularly in the blogosphere, but the blogging tick, however noble, is of our time, the same time as the whateverdoxy of the Bishops.

But read the latest posting from Colwich, and see that the Church of always has survived. And I bet that in the convent (I hope it's in nuns' parlour!) there is a clock which they wind up every seven or twenty-eight days, that ticks with a slow, bass, beat and marks the hours which took the nuns from England to the Low Countries, and which brought them back: if there isn't, there should be!