07 March 2010

Just A Utilitarian Thought

If the father of a child is allowed no say in whether or not the child's mother aborts it or not, how can a mother who chooses not to abort demand that the father support the child financially?

It can't be "his" in any meaningful way if the primary question - life or death - is one in which he has no say and no vote.

Or am I missing something?


JARay said...

What you post is quite logical Ttony, but whenever did logic enter into the ambit of a "Family Court"?

JARay said...

On second thought Ttony the thing that we are both missing is that women have "rights". Men....well, they don't count...as eny fule nose!

brett said...
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Mike Cliffson said...

Surprise surprise.
We forget truisms
Wisdom strarteth with fear of the Lord, and all that leads to.
Axiom : This is a vale of Tears.
inter alia -->The Law is an ass. in saecula saecolurum.
Telling of the age we live in is WHAT the law nowadays is an ass ABOUT.