05 March 2010

What Is This?

Does anybody know anything about the Resurgence Party? A quick flick through another sterile argument on Damian's blog threw it up. A Catholic political party!

I've never heard of it before, and know nothing beyond what's posted there.

I wish them very well, but suspect that non-"Spirit of Vatican II" Catholics are about as capable of organising a united political movement as post-Soviet Marxist-Leninists.

But even if now be not the time, it is interesting and positive that a couple of people are prepared to raise their heads above the parapet and stand for something outside the current political stasis.

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JARay said...

We, in Australia, have a Christian Democratic Party. I support them somewhat. Yes, somewhat.
For starters, our system of voting is not a "first past the post" system. We have preferential voting and one has to number all the candidates on the voting paper in order to cast a valid vote. This allows me to vote number 1 against the CDP candidate whilst knowing that he (or she) is unlikely to get in. When my candidate number 1 fails to get in them my vote for number 2 comes into play.
Somehow, Catholics do not seem to understand this simple process and they will say that they like the idea of the Christian Democratic candidate but then they go and vote that candidate as number 2 with one of the two (or three, if you count the Greens), main parties as their number 1 choice. This ensures that the CDP has absolutely no chance.
The CDP is at its wits end in trying to convince Catholics that they should put them as their number 1 choice and then the main parties would start to look at what the CDP is saying. The main chance is in voting for the Senate (or Upper House)where proportions of votes cast determine which parties get which Senate seats. The CDP is getting closer in snagging a Senate seat but, worst of all, the Greens who are so anti everything Christian, are snagging the seats left after the major parties have taken their quotas.