28 March 2010

Lucky Old Brentford Diocese

Not only must the diocese must be loaded with money, but the whole diocese is going to reap the benefit of how it's spent.

H/t to Catholic Commentary here who broke the news that Brentford sent a team of 19 people to the Los Angeles RE Conference. I'd guess about £750 a ticket and £750 per head for subs while there: about £30,000, and the money must have come from somewhere - unless people actually paid their own money to go there.

But just think how the life of the diocese will be transformed!


Simon Platt said...

Funnily enough, I'm off to Anaheim myself, soon. £2,600 is the total budget for one man for one week, on the cheapest flights available via Heathrow.

Londiniensis said...

The priest who wears a pale blue polo shirt over his clericals and Roger Cardinal Mahoney deserve each other.

On other blogs, this conference has been panned not only for its liturgy but, which is even worse, for inviting as speakers some very dubious dissenting characters.

We must pray that Cardinal Mahoney's successor will put his house in order, and that there will soon be one less place where the Tabletista tendency can go for their rejuvenating treatments (on money collected from the faithful).

And why send 19? Is there not one Tabletista tendency cleric or schoolteacher in the whole of Brentwood diocese intelligent enough to attend, make notes and then lead a seminar back home? This was certainly my firm's policy when sending people to conferences.

Paulinus said...

LA? Goodness only knows where they went to relax of an evening....

JARay said...

I forget the actual number but somehow 142 comes to mind as the number of delegates who went to the Copenhagen "Climate Change" fest from Australia.
19 to that parody of an RE Conference from the Diocese of Brentford is equally as obscene and equally as useful to both Australia and Brentford (inclusively).

Shepherd said...

Errr..........is that Brentwood?