24 April 2008

The Coarseness Of Modern Life

The way that people have stopped signalling at roundabouts, and treat red traffic lights with a Neapolitan disdain is not indicative of global warming turning the UK into a Latin country. It is a sign of how coarse things have become.

Coarse, and vulgar: listen to Terry Wogan's programme on Radio 2. The same mix of blarney, wit and whimsy, with an addition of random filth; random, in that you can't predict when it will come on, but regular in that it happens every day.

There used to be queues at bus stops, didn't there, in which those who had been waiting longest got to get onto the bus first.

There used to be Ministers of the Crown who told the truth. And then last night, we were treated to the spectacle of Yvette. Can I argue that I'm being truthful, and not coarse, if I say that this is Balls?

It is her name, after all.

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