11 April 2008


In the middle of a piece about the folly of the Dean of Southweark Cathedral, who has banned the singing of Jerusalem in his Cathedral, Damian Thompson casually mentions that he has "actually never heard an explanation of “Jerusalem” that made much sense to me".

The first verse (of the two that are sung) questions the legend that Jesus visited England before the start of His public life. The second says basically that it doesn't matter whether He did or didn't, because it is up to us to build Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land.

I thought this was something that every schoolboy knew: apparently not.


Anonymous said...

Let us give a charitable an explanation as imaginable, (tho insufficient : were we to omit what is publickly best known by its mockeries and burlesques, we'd omit mass itself for its public association with "hocus pocus".)
It may well be then that in the dean's youth, or later, he heard or saw the rugger-song blasphemous and suggestive (well pretty plain actually) renderings of Jerusalem" as, god fogive me, performed by me and others in moments of misspent youth , currentat least 50 years go and poblably since.
Alternatively it isnt scriptural or (catholic) trad enough: "jerusalem" would be a small price to pay for the omission of the buddist, new age wishywashy, heretical and/or protestant excuses for hyms such catholics with highenough voices sing and all endure these days.
DV either case be so

Anonymous said...

anonymouse 1 adds: even if the dean's an anglican, stet