10 April 2008

The Westminster Succession And Sydney

While our hearts beat louder whenever Cardinal Pell speaks, we might care to find out whether the Archdiocese of which he heads is (at least) doubly blessed.

I happened onto the website of one of his Auxilaries, Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, and was entranced to find another Sydney Bishop who, apart from being organiser of World Youth Day, seems to have as unruptured an understanding of what the Catholic hermeneutic should be as his boss. And he can preach like a Dominican. These two links show him preaching at an ordination and a wedding: it's easy to find him preaching, at the Homilies website, at other celebrations.

There's an English connection: he studied for his Doctorate at Blackfriars in Oxford. And his subject was bioethics - how relevant! And from 2000 to 2003 he was the foundation director of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family.

You begin to get my drift.

Australia seems to have Bishops to spare who could revitalise the Church in England and Wales...

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John said...

I'm quite sure that you would like Bishop Peter Elliott also.
He's an auxilliary of Melbourne.