10 April 2008

Liturgical Orientation - A 1949 Explanation For Children

In 1949, Fr Hayward, a Chaplain to the deaf and dumb of the Salford Diocese, was asked to publish as a book for children in mainstream schools the instruction he had used for the handicapped. Bishop Marshall commended the clarity of what had been write.

As Fr Longenecker begins to celebrate ad orientem regularly, he might like to reflect on Fr Hayward's words on liturgical orientation.

"He turns round to the people and says "The Lord be with you", and the server answers for himself and the people "And with Thy Spirit".

(This happens many times during Mass. It is like a small good-bye, as the priest is not going to pay any attention to the people for a time. He is going to speak to God for them. It also helps us to understand that the people are sharing the offering of the Mass with the priest.)"

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