18 June 2007

From a GCSE Syllabus

The WhiteStone Name Seeker blogged about RE A Level. Here is a bit of better news from GCSE-land, specifically AQA Specification A Catholic Christianity. These are a few bullets from the revision book, which I hope to be allowed to copy without permission:

The Mass is important to Catholics because
  • it is a way of making their lives good again after sins;
  • it is the way of gaining the power to fulfil God's will in their daily lives;
  • it is an obligation to attend Mass on Sunday to fulfil the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy;
  • it is a means of uniting them with Christ and other Catholics;
  • it is the Catholic way of nourishing Christians through the Body and Blood of Jesus;
  • it is a sacrament of love from God to Christians through the sacrifice of Jesus.

Not quite as many capital letters as I would have liked, and a bit on the thin side, but Catholic none the less.

The revision practices are great; for example: Give reasons why the Church is One, is Holy, is Catholic, is Apostolic. The author was a bit un-PC when he contrasts regularly Catholic, Orthodox and Christian, but we know what he means: when he says Christian he means Protestant.

Within the sort of framework which will creep past a diocesan education committee, here is an opportunity to teach the Catechism.

Of course things could be better: a lot, lot, better; but things could be a lot worse too.

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