23 June 2007

The PM at the Vatican

According to the Vatican Press Office, the 10 years of the Prime Minister's period of office were considered. There was a frank exchange about the current international situation, and a discussion about certain laws passed recently in the United Kingdom, before the Pope's good wishes were passed to the Prime Minister for his clear intent to work for peace in the Middle East and interreligious dialogue.

According to Ttony, this means that the PM hasn't had the seal of approval. Tony Blair is not the Vatican's representative for either peace in the Middle East or interreligious dialogue.

A bottle is being opened.


John said...

"A bottle is being opened"
I'll join you in that Ttony.
I had dinner last Friday evening with a friend from my schooldays who said that he thought that T.B. would go down in history as one of Britains greatest ever Prime Ministers.
It's really amazing! We still remain friends but disagree on just about every subject one can think of. We usually start our get-togethers by airing our differences.


Anonymous said...

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Ttony said...
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White Stone Name Seeker said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Blair's actually LISTENED to the Holy Father and used it as a step towards genuine repentance?
oh well...

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