08 June 2007

How to use the web

Courtesy of Damian Thompson's blog, I found a site in which a Chapel in which the Blessed Sacrament is perpetually adored has had a webcam added.

"Enjoy a variety of prayer aids intended to enrich your time with our Lord in adoration. With the exception of a few brief periods each day, Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament is presented live via webcam from the Chapel of Divine Love in Philadelphia, PA - a source of perpetual Eucharistic adoration by the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters since 1916."

(I thought "PA" means the US State of "Philadelphia". Jeffrey has corrected this misunderstanding: it means the US State of Pennsylvania.)

I thought: "I really don't like the monstrance" and almost immediately wondered how I dared even think like that.

God Bless these holy nuns! Clicking on the link isn't participating in Eucharistic Adoration, any more than watching a YouTube video of Mass is the same as going to Mass. But as a way of uniting ourselves in prayer with what they are doing in person, this is really great!


Jeffrey Smith said...

Interesting concept. Philadelphia is a city, of sorts. The state, of lunacy, ( I lived there most of my life. ) is Pennsylvania. Blame the postal service for the abbreviations. They won't allow people not to use them. Oh, my, what a free country. ( He says with noticable sarcasm )

Ttony said...

Correction posted. Many thanks.