27 June 2007

A Papal Joke is No Laughing Matter

The new Motu Proprio wasn't the one everybody was expecting: so much the better, as the Pope is well within his rights to make us wait.

I wonder if this one might, in the great scheme of things, be rather more important.

The succession has been skewed, and probably traditionwards.


Fr. Greg said...

Obviously, the late John Paul II thought making it easier to elect a pope was a good thing; Benedict XVI is clearly of the opposite opinion, and I must agree with Benedict. Now, given that people are living longer and are doing so in better health, why not raise the age at which cardinals cease being papal electors from 80 to 85?

Ttony said...

Why limit the age at all?

Fr. Greg said...

Because as people age, especially beyond a certain point, health, both physical and mental, tends to decline. While there are many exceptions, sorting this out on a case-by-case basis would inevitably become just another internal political football, and the Vatican already has enough of these to contend with.

Ttony said...

So trust God. There are always going to be a lot more under-80s than over-80s. Why should chronology inhibit you from the actions of the Holy Ghost?