14 June 2007

The In-trays of the Vatican

Rafael Castela Santos recommended a new site (in Spanish) maintained by some priests of the Barcelona Diocese. A posting called "PROMOVEATUR UT REMOVEATUR" (Promote Them to Remove Them) discusses various questions of Catalonian episcopal politics and contains a delightful paragraph which I hope they don't mind me translating (fairly freely) here.

"There are three in-trays on the desks of each of the Roman Congregations into which the different subjects to be decided are placed in order of priority. One is for questions which need to be resolved rapidly because of the urgency of the matter under discussion. The next is for questions which need to studied carefully and in collaboration with other Dicasteries, and whose resolution, therefore, will take a prudential amount of time to settle. The third is the one into which are put those problems which Time alone will solve."

They declare that the Archdiocese of Barcelona couldn't possibly belong to the third in-tray. I wonder which the question of the Church in England and Wales, and the Westminster succession might belong in.

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Good question!