04 June 2007


Pray for all children who are going through GCSEs. Pray especially for those who have gone through a modern educational system which has created fine young people who care deeply for their fellow human beings but don't seem to realise that public examinations are important. Yes: I have one all of my own, and I am more nervous than I was when I was taking my own O Levels. Coming away from school full of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost is fine: coming away with six or seven A* to Cs would be nice too.


Mac McLernon said...

Prayers offered. Try invoking St Philomena... she's a patron and protectress of the young.

Ttony said...

Thanks, Mac. She will join St Dominic Savio in being bothered, and rebothered with supplications from yours truly.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Got one in school doing A'level's-ye gods that has been difficult! Role on the end of the month!
My next child down has done IGCSE's and is finishing-oh so slowly-his home ed portfolio.

Prayer seems to be the only way to get frazzled parents throgh this. lol. -oh and I pray for the children too.
God bless