16 August 2007

Archbishop Conti

Wasn't Archbishop Conti the Bishop who celebrated the Sarum Use in Aberdeen (forgetting that Aberdeen had its own Use, and that it was probably the first time that the Sarum use had ever been celebrated there).

Fr Z (whom God preserve) suggests that the Archbishop is setting stringent conditions in an Ad Clerum to his priests, so stringent that he might actually be instructing his priests to ignore the Pope's Motu Proprio?

Are we in light blue button down shirt territory again?


Matthew said...

Yes, it was Mons. Conti who sang the Sarum Use Mass in Aberdeen:

Anonymous said...

Who, or what, is that sitting to the Archbishop's right? Looks somewhat like one of those 'wimin priest' types!

Assuming it is indeed a Catholic Priest, he ought to do something about his appearance so that he doesn't get mistaken for one of the 'wimin'.