14 August 2007

A feeble Archbishop

According to the Telegraph, the Headmaster of the Catholic primary School in Liverpool who has had a Civil Union with another man can't be sacked for legal reasons.

Yes he can. He can be sacked tomorrow. If he goes to an Employment Tribunal, he'll probably win. Then he'll have to be paid off. Or, if an order was made for reinstatement, the Archbishop could refuse and go to prison. Or he could close the school down; now: just before the start of term (and go to prison).

But that would mean Archbishop Kelly standing up for what the Church believes in instead of kowtowing to the state.

Does anyone have a photo of him, tieless, in smart casual, button-down collar, preferably very pale blue shirt?

How many people know that the solution to the problem of how the Liturgy is celebrated in joint Anglican/Catholic schools in Liverpool?

They don't have any.

I'd like to thank Fr Dwight for the link, but will merely tip my hat, in the circumstances.


rlb said...

Ttony what a rediculous notion! The Church exists to keep Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals in their jobs, not to get involved in politics and criticising society, though it is o.k. to criticise the Pope of course.
You can't expect respectable elderly gentlemen to go to prison and certainly not a bishop who is much respected in society.
Whatever next, you'll be expecting them to have principles, even support Catholic doctrine.
You are mad, or an agent of the far right!

John said...

There's more than one way of skinning a cat. The direct way would be to start at the bottom and work upwards. Then again you could start at the top!
What a notion!
Sack the (man) and face the consequences!
The other is a slower process of getting the parents to complain about his influence on the children and to claim that because of that pressure, the Head must simply go.
Action must be taken, one way or another, but maybe the good Archbishop simply isn't up to the task.


White Stone Name Seeker said...

I've been accused of not supporting the Catholic education system because I home school.
So this is the system huh?

Anonymous said...

Well thankfully our schools are excellent..so i don't really no how i'd handle all these strange scenarios!

greatgable said...

There is another option - all the foundation governors resign and the PP refuses to appoint any replacements.