25 August 2007

How bad can things get?

Well ... try this at Catholic Conservation, courtesy of Carpe Canem.

Bishop Hollis was born on 17 November 1936: that means only four years two months and some days to go.

Poor old Pompey - even poorer old Basingstoke.


Fr Ray Blake said...

17 Nov
death of Good Queen May & Cardinal Pole - the death day of pre-reformation English Catholiscism - how apt!

Ttony said...

I wouldn't have dared make the connection!

But I get the glimmer of a feeling that the election of Pope Benedict has shown the liberals that their day is up, and that their response is a last fling before they, and their beliefs, are consigned to history.

I had worried that the Pope, while a smooth operator as Cardinal Ratzinger, would find the Church he inherited too big and diverse to be able to shape, given his age and his health. How wrong could I have been! This is the most politically astute pontificate since ... I can't think. It is hard to think of a Pope since the French Revolution who has managed to speak across the Bishops to the priests and to the people in the way our current Pope is doing.

Ad multos annos!

Fr Ray Blake said...

He is creating a grass root movement.
Watching him operate is like listening to Mozart.