12 August 2007

Spot the Bishops!

Courtesy of the Northern Cleric.

Their Lordships the Bishops of Portsmouth, Plymouth and Clifton.

At the Conference at which the photo was taken, there were over twenty different workshops on topics ranging from Youth Ministry to banner making, the person of Christ to the relationship between science and religion.

Banner making? Banner making? Felt, I imagine.

There are those who believe that these three Bishops represent the future of the Church in England and Wales ...

... and then there are those who don't.


Anonymous said...

Do you think they rang up one another to ask what to wear?

Budd, "I really love Our Lady".
Hollis, "Shall we wear blue shirts then"
Lang, " Nice pale ones, to signify the Immaculate Conception, yes she'll really love that.".

Philip Andrews said...

Felt banners, would that make them the Fuzzy Felts?

On the side of the angels said...

Thanks for the picture anyway,
my cardinal martino dartboard is getting a bit tatty and I need a replacement - don't complain, just trying to make our bishops a little more hole-y [wink!]

greatgable said...

One encouraging thought - not that many young people there

fr paul harrison

Jeffrey Smith said...

Bishops are supposed to be standard bearers, not standard makers.