21 August 2007

Fork Handles - Another Rumour

Which Auxiliary Bishop is set to celebrate the Extraordinary Rite, at least in his private Masses after 14 September? Who is it that members of the Bishops' Conference are accusing of careerism?

Bishop Arnold of Westminster in to celebrate Confirmation in the Extraordinary Rite in November, but rumour has it that an Auxiliary outside London seems to be ready to "come out" as an Extraordinarilist.

Does anybody know who?


Anonymous said...

Where did you hear this?
Go on tell me, I know you want to.

Ttony said...

I honestly don't know who.

A friend was in a group at a reception in which two members of the Episcopate, chatting, suggested that a third, unnamed, brother Bishop, from context not an Ordinary, and unidentifiable by my friend from the context, would be exhibiting rampant careerism from 14 September.

It quacks, it lays eggs, it swims ...

It may just be that two members of the Hierarchy suspect an Auxiliary of the Roman Heresy, and wrongly at that!