05 August 2007

A Parable

Although Fr Tim, Mac, and Orthfully Catholic were at the Faith Movement Conference, it was Auntie Joanna who spotted how tradition - in fact Tradition - is a unifying force:

"... yesterday evening saw a splendid ceilidh, a vast improvement on the traditional disco. Here, the dancing was lively and continued non-stop until late: a really delightful sight with people quickly getting a grasp of the dance and twirling partners and forming circles and jiggling round the room in terrific style to traditional Scottish music. It was a joy to watch."

I shan't labour the comparison: I don't think I need to. Disco: too much noise and half the people not joining in; ceilidh: room for everybody who wants to do things properly; disco: everybody do your own thing; ceilidh: everybody follow the rubrics.


White Stone Name Seeker said...

Being married to a Scot I have attended a couple of family weddings with a proper ceilidh. The first thing I noticed was the dance floor was was all from the old to the wee.
When the music changed to disco nearly everyone sat down, but for a few teens and some others who were willing to try.

John said...

I used to love Country Dancing. In my late teens we had it in the Parish Hall every Sunday night after Benediction. It was very popular.