12 August 2008

Ancient Fm

For those of us who have Internet radios, there is a piece of good news.

A new radio station, which announces itself as "Ancient FM - Online Streaming Renaissance and Mediaeval Music" is playing music which (to my ears) sounds like after 1000 and before 1600. There are no announcements, no adverts, no news breaks, no weather reports. Just continuous mediaeval and renaissance music.

My guess is that the station is in the process of being set up and that what I am getting is a test transmission: remember, 24 hours a day of rennaissance and mediaeval music with no announcemenets, no adverts, no news breaks and no weather reports.

They have a website, but no way of linking to the audio from it. But this feels like something worth bookmarking for the future. I wish I had shares in it!

1 comment:

John said...

Thanks Ttony,
This is my kind of music too.