17 August 2008

The Roving Mediaevalist Uncovered

Jeffrey revealed rather more of himself than he meant to when he was interviewed for the Toledo Free Press here. (For anybody who doesn't know Jeffrey, that's the Toledo in the USA, not the one in Spain .)
Jeffrey is an incurable anglophile, an incurable romantic, and an inextinguishable Catholic. He can do curmudgeonly like nobody else in the Catholic blogosphere, but this article shows the pussy cat within.
This is the man who runs more blogs than anyone else I know, and their variety shows the variety of interests of the man himself: the mediaeval comes first, but also the Baroque, and anything modern that is worthwhile; anything British that illuminates what the UK has done for the world; royal portraits, as an insight into the soul of some of those who have led us; half-timbered buildings; cemeteries; here is a man who can find an interest in anything and communicate it to the rest of us.
Ad Multos Annos.


Adrienne said...

Jeffrey is a big cuddle bear but doesn't want anyone to know....

Mac McLernon said...

I've tagged you for a very short meme here!

Jeffrey Smith said...

Oh, for crying out loud. I'm never going to be allowed to forget that blasted interview.