20 August 2008

Jumping On Eggs Without Breaking Them

When thinking about sports we might win at the 2012 Olympic Games, my mind naturally turned to the old Lancashire favourites, like Soot Throwing, Mud Juggling, Gravy Racing and Horse Blowing. I had recently averred to a fellow blogger that the day that we could reintroduce Women's Buttock Clenching would see a clean sweep of medals, when a team of three sixty-five year old women from Ramsbottom would be invited to watch a five minute video of Graham Norton in silence.

I had forgotten, until reminded by Catholic and Loving It of Jumping On Eggs Without Breaking Them. Here is a piece of historic video evidence of a sport at which Lancastrians excel. What Manchester does today, the world does tomorrow! But not before we have won the gold medal.

Anybody pining for the young Sue Lawley - Sue with Hair - will enjoy this all the more. And for aficionados of TV theme tunes: when was the last time that the theme of Nationwide sounded out in your house?


Ches said...

That famous Lancastrian pursuit was of course what imspired Segei Rachmaninov's early work 'Rhapsody on an Egg of Paganini'. Not a lot of people know that ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Oh yes, it's definitely been jumped on that egg". :lol Classic! I might take up this sport myself. Thanks.

Mr B

Mac McLernon said...

Ttony... I tagged you ages ago...