05 August 2008

New ICEL Translations

This might just be me.

The Offertory, and Eucharistic Prayers II and III are very similar to what we have now (allowing for the fact that the "translators" of what we use currently believed in a totally discredited theory of translation called "dynamic equivalence"). Eucharistic Prayer I, which had been dreadfully mangled by dynamic equivalence, looks far more like a version of what would have been in a 1962 bilingual Missal.

Eucharistic Prayer IV, however, looks weedy (weedier), impoverished (even more impoverished), and, dare I say it, (even more) unusable.

Whichever of the clergy and laity needs catechesis and whichever needs preparation, the choice of Eucharistic Prayer, which in the rubrics of the Ordinary Form is wishy-washy, needs to be sorted out.

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