27 August 2008


One of the pleasures of following the blog of the Oxford Dominicans is the sheer intellectual quality of the stuff they post. "These lads will preach Heaven on a feria, and St Dominic every day." Their recent postings have followed their pilgrimage to Lourdes and have been as weighty as ever, but the veil parted for a split second at the Godzdogz blog, and we saw a vision of the iron behind the velvet.

Sister is on her second pint, while the lady trying to discuss her family tree is only half way down her second coke. The enigmatic smile reveals an understanding of the difference between cousins once- and cousins twice-removed which will shortly debunk the theory that Eric Gill actually left all of his property to the Jesuits. The mobile phone will soon be revealed as the Dominican equivalent of the sonic screwdriver.

"She is a Dominican nun, and, if it's OK with everybody else, I think we should surrender now."

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Ponte Sisto said...

And not a dodgy perm or varicose vein in sight! God love you, sister!