24 August 2008

A Pretty Haul

I've done rather well for my birthday: a Baronius 1962 missal and a cut down 1962 Breviary for lay people; the complete Only Fools And Horses; Elgar's Coronation Ode; and the Hilliard Ensemble; the first series of Count Arthur Strong's radio show (in my mind, the Harry Worth de nos jours); Tommy Lascelles' Diaries (he was PS to George VI), Simon Winchester on Outposts of Empire, David Crystal on Language, and a selection of Boris Johnson's journalism; and Nixonland by Rick Perlstein; and Göran Söllscher's amazing take on Lennon and McCartney.
I may not be around so much for the next few days ...


Mac McLernon said...

Ok, but before you go, what's the Breviary like...?

Pretty please?


Ttony said...

It includes Prime, Sext and Compline for Monday to Saturday, and for Sundays, Lauds I, Lauds II, Prime, Sext, vespers and Compline. I have a copy of the revised Morning and Evening Prayer and used to say it regularly, but when, for whatever reason, I stopped saying it, I didn't find that I missed anything.

It looks as though it will be difficult to get into the rythym, but once there, it will become natural.

It is published by the people here, and should be available through the usual UK suspects.

Mac McLernon said...

Thanks Ttony!!