05 August 2008

You Know You're Old When ...

At the dinner table, I mentioned having read in the paper that ABBA were at the top of the Hit Parade. Blank looks from my 17 and 14 year olds. "It's in the paper: they're at Number One."

Son starts laughing uncontrollably: "You mean top of the charts - number one in the charts. I thought you were talking about one of those parades of wanted people."

And daughter added: "What does 'Hit Parade' mean?" As soon as they got down from the table, they, still laughing, began to text the story of the latest thing their fossil father had come out with.

I then mimed "grumpy old man" for a couple of hours.

1 comment:

Kirk said...

At least you are not still being asked if you were alive when . . .

Hoping to get some more in depth information for his school project, I was asked in a matter of fact way by my nephew if I was alive when Queen Elizabeth I was 'around'.
I can't wait for him to grasp the concept of time.