13 August 2008


I wondered earlier, when I saw a report in the Telegraph that Russia has annexed 20% of Georgia, and while they don't aim to overthrow the Georgian government, they wouldn't mind at all if it was replaced, if this is what the invasion of the Sudentenland and the Munich Agreement felt like in 1938.

Georgia is a "small far-away country of which we know nothing", as the British Prime Minister described Czechoslovakia at the time. There are all sort of historical reasons and pretexts for the Russians to occupy South Ossetia.

But it feels to me (myself, personally, on my own, not speaking for anybody else) deeply, deeply, shameful, that the UK has done nothing at all while Russia behaves like the world's bully and gets away with it.

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Ponte Sisto said...

I agree! The UK seems to do very little on the world stage, unless the USA tells it to, that is. Am I being cynical?