10 August 2008

Is It Me?

If you look here, you will find that the Salesian Order has donated a hostel for novices at a Buddhist Monastery in Sri Lanka.

"A brilliant example of Christian Charity came live with the donation of a 'Sangawasaya' - hostel by the Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco for the use of Novice Monks of the 'Buddha Sasana' studying at 'Sri Gnanissara Pirivena' at the 'Sri Priyadharshanaramaya' Temple, at 'Palugollagama, Megodawewa', a remote vil­lage in the Anuradhapura district in the North Central Province at a cost of Rs. 1.4 million.

Very Rev. Fr. Anthony H. Pinto, Provincial of the Sale­sian community in Sri Lanka said that it was a donation from his Congregation. This offering t the pinkama is not something purely personal but a donation from my Con­gregation. We are celebrat­ing the Golden Jubilee of the presence of Our Congrega­tion in Sri Lanka. This is one way of extending our frater­nal love towards the other religions. Converting the Buddhists does not motivate us but we are keen to see that they live a better life as Bud­dhists, he said."

Now, is it just cynicsm that makes me wonder where the 1.4 million rupees came from, and what the donors thought it was destined for?


Ma Tucker said...

Confirming people in their error and encouraging/facilitating their adherence to error is not Christian Charity. It is an act of hatred for others and and attack on Christ. Whoever is responsible for this is an enemy of Christ and has lost their faith. I'm sure their fellow faithless think very highly of them though. They are sooo very niiiice and generous when it comes to squandering God's resources and destroying the vineyard. Goods that should have been used to build up the Body of Christ are being used to feed a lie. If this is the full story I have to say I find it very sickening.

Paulinus said...

No it isn't just you. These chaps have lost the plot and moreover sold their birthright (and that of their benefactors) for a mess of potage.