31 August 2008

A Fruit Of Merton

This, with permission, from an e-mail.

"A fruit of Merton: not one of the stranger Dons, but the effusion of grace into a town where there is now a regular EF Mass. The Mass doesn't replace anything: it is an extra, and at a time when there has never been a Mass, so the town gets an extra Mass.

And even though this extra Mass doesn't get mentioned in bulletins and such like, it quietly attracts a hundred people, most of whom would not attend Mass other than on Sunday.

And somebody took it upon himself or herself to buy a large number of copies of a booklet Missal:

"This 68-page 5½" x 8" booklet missal provides a compact source for praying the old Mass in Latin, as well as other traditional prayers and meditations. Large clear print, classic illustrations and concise explanations make this edition easy to follow for those already familiar with the Traditional Rite, as well as helpful for younger Catholics and anyone unfamiliar with the rituals of the Tridentine Mass and other time-honoured prayers of the Catholic Faith."

without asking or being asked, so that nobody should feel other than at home.

And an SSPX supporting and attending family came and made peace with the priest and gave him the best boost to his confidence possible: "Do your very best, but don't worry about making mistakes"; and then telling him afterwards how grateful to him they were.

And odd little requests for permission to help and support, and to ask if those attending might constitute themselves as a stable group.

And a discovery that various items of church plate and vestments had been, well, um, hidden, from an earlier "enthusiastic for new ways" PP, and were therefore available again.

And a bunch of willing, ready and able people of all ages who just wanted to help.

With a result that the priest and his server rang the bell and came out of the sacristy into a wall of love and support that provided edification for all present, and confidence and a sense of authority to the priest."

This is being played out all over England and Wales this summer. There are 50 more churches where, whenever the priest feels able, Mass is no longer Ordinary, but Extraordinary.

How can we thank not just the LMS for sponsoring the course at Merton, not just the priests who gave so freely of their time to train the priests who were there to learn, but also the priests who have heard the call from those who waited and longed for so many years?


Mac McLernon said...

Deo gratias

John said...

Most inspiring!
Thanks for this posting.


Ponte Sisto said...

You have an award.