25 November 2017

Twenty-fifth Sunday After Pentecost 1865

26 SUNDAY, twenty-fifth after Pentecost. St Felix of Valois, Confessor, double. Second prayers and last Gospel of the Sunday, third prayers of St Peter of Alexandria, Bishop Martyr. White. Second Vespers of the Feast to the Little Chapter, thence of St Gregory (Meruit Supremos), commemoration of the preceding and of the Sunday.

27 Monday St Gregory Thaumaturgus, Bishop Confessor, double. White.

28 Tuesday St Martin, Pope Martyr, semidouble (transferred from 12 November). Second prayers A cunctis, third prayers free. Red.

29 Wednesday Vigil. Second prayers of St Saturninus, Martyr. Third prayers Concede. Fourth prayers for the Departed, fifth prayers free. Violet.

30 Thursday (FEASTDAY OF DEVOTION) St ANDREW Apostle, double of the second class. Creed, Preface of the Apostles. Red.

1 Friday Feria. Second prayers for the Departed, third prayers free. Abstinence.

2 Saturday St Bibiana, Virgin Martyr, semidouble. Second prayers A Cunctis, third prayers free. Red.

The Rev Fr Peter Gallwey SJ is the Rector of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm-street Berkeley-square, supported by the Rev Frs Charles Locke, William Eyre, Albany Christie, William Maher, Henry Segrave, and William Cardwell SJ. On Sundays and Holyday Mass at 7.00, 7.30, 8.30, and 9.00. High Mass at 11.00. On Weekdays Mass at 7.00, 7.30, 8.30, and 10.00. Vespers on Sundays and Holydays at 3.30, with instruction and Benediction. On the first Sunday of the month Devotions of the Bona Mors at 3.30, instead of Vespers. On Wednesday Devotion of the Stations of the Cross and Benediction at 8.00 pm. On Fridays Devotions of the Sacred Heart, with Meditation and Benediction, at 4.00 (in winter at 3.30). Confessions every morning from 7.00 till 9.30, and on Wednesday and Saturday and eves of Feasts from 3.00 to 6.00, and from 7.00 to 10.00. Confraternities of the Bona Mors, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In 2017 the Parish Priest is Fr Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ, supported by the Rev Frs Anthony Nye, Christopher Pedley and Dominic Robinson SJ.  Anticipated Mass on Saturday at 6.00, and on Sunday at 8.00, 9.30 (Family Mass), 11.00 (Sung Latin), 12.30 and 5.30 pm. On third Sunday Mass for Japanese Community at 114 Mount St. Mass on Holydays and weekdays at 8.00, 1.05 pm and 6.00 pm.  Mass on Saturday at 8.00 am. On first Wednesday Novena Prayers or Novena Mass to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour for the Filipino Community. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Monday to Friday 12.30 to 1.05 pm, and first Friday 5.00 to 6.00 pm. Rosary daily after 1.05 Mass. Prayer group led by the Brazilian community on Wednesday at 6.45 pm. Confessions: Monday to Saturday before each Mass and on request in the church, or mornings on call at 114 Mount St; and on Sundays for ten minutes before each Mass.

This is the last post in this series as this is the last Sunday in the Church's year.  I hope it has been of use or interest to somebody other than me.

18 November 2017

Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost 1865

19 SUNDAY twenty-fourth after Pentecost. St Elizabeth, Widow, double. Second prayers and last Gospel of the Sunday, 3d prayers of St Pontian, Pope Martyr. White. First Vespers of St Edmund, commemoration of St Elizabeth and of the Sunday. Red.

20 Monday St Edmund, King Martyr, greater double. Red.

21 Tuesday The Presentation of the BVM, greater double. Creed, Preface of the BVM. White. Plenary Indulgence.

22 Wednesday St Cecilia, Virgin Martyr, double. Red.

23 Thursday St Clement, Pope Martyr, double. Second prayers of St Felicity, Martyr. Red.

24 Friday St John of the Cross, Confessor, double. Second prayers of St Chrysogonus, Martyr. White. Abstinence.

25 Saturday St Catherine, Virgin Martyr, double. Red.

At Holy Cross Priory in Leicester, the Very Rev Fr William T Nickolds OP is Prior and Provincial; the Rev Frs Philip M Limerick OP and Alphonsus Cavanagh OP also serve at the Priory.  Mass on Sundays at 9.00 and 11.00. Rosary and Catechism at 3.00. Vespers, Sermon and Benediction at 6.30. On Holydays Mass at 7.00 and 9.00. Evening Devotions and Benediction at 8.00. On other days Mass at 7.00 and 8.30; Evening Devotions at 8.00.

In 2017 Fr David Rocks is Prior and Parish Priest. Frs Isidore Clarke OP, Tony Rattigan OP (Bursar), Robert Gay CC OP (Subprior), and Matthew Jarvis OP also serve at the Priory. Anticipated Mass on Saturday at 6.10 pm. Mass on Sunday at 8.00, 10.30, 12.30 (Dominican Rite), and 7.00 pm. Lauds at 9.00. Exposition, Rosary, Compline and Benediction at 6.00 pm.  Anticipated Mass of Holydays at 6.10 pm. Holyday Mass at 8.00 (Dominican Rite), 12.30 and 6.10. Lauds at 7.30. Vespers after evening Mass. Monday-Friday schedule: 7.30 Lauds, 8.00 Mass (Dominican Rite), 11.00 Devotions and Exposition (Wednesday only), 12.00 Rosary, 12.15 Benediction (Wednesday only), 12.30 Mass, 6.10 Mass, 6.45 Vespers. Saturday schedule: 8.00 Mass (Dominican Rite), 9.00 Lauds, 10.00 Mass, 10.30 Devotions and Exposition, 10.30-11.30 Confessions, 12.00 Rosary, 12.30 Mass, 5.00-6.00 Confessions, 5.45 Vespers.

11 November 2017

Twenty-third Sunday After Pentecost 1865

12 SUNDAY, twenty-third after Pentecost, semidouble. Second prayers A cunctis, third prayers free. Green. Vespers of the Sunday, commemoration of St Didacus, suffrages. [In Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, Plenary Indulgence.]

13 Monday St Didacus, Confessor, semidouble. Second prayers A cunctis, third prayers free. White.

14 Tuesday The Translation of St Erconwald, Bishop Confessor, double. White.

15 Wednesday St Gertrude, Virgin, double. White.

16 Thursday St Edmund, Bishop Confessor, double. White.

17 Friday St Hugh, Bishop Confessor, double. White. Abstinence. [In Diocese of Nottingham, greater double.]

18 Saturday The Dedication of the Basilica of Sts Peter and Paul, double. Creed. White.

In 1865 the Guardian of St David’s Church and Monastery at Holywell, Pantasaph, is the V Rev Fr Seraphim. The Rev Frs Beneventus, Eugene and Bonaventure also belong to the Monastery.  Mass on Sundays and Holydays 8.00. Solemn Mass with sermon at 10.30. Catechism at 2.30. Compline, instruction and Benediction at 3.30. On Wednesdays Conventual Mass at 6.30, fixed Mass at 8.00. Rosary and Litany of the BVM daily at 6.00 pm.

In 2017 the parish is served by the Rev Frs Francis Maple and Paschal Burlinson.  Anticipated Mass is at 4.00 pm on Saturday, and on Sunday Mass is at 10.00. Mass on Holydays at 10.00  and 7.30 pm. Padre Pio Mass each third Thursday at 6.00 pm. Weekday Mass at 8.00 and at 9.00 at Bryn Mair Convent. Morning Prayer with Mass at the church and the convent. Confessions 11.30-12.00 on Saturday and on call.  Rosary and Evening Prayer at 6.30 daily except Thursday. Eucharistic Adoration Tuesday 10.00 to 6.30. Days of prayer and Veneration of the Relic on enquiry.

04 November 2017

Twenty-second Sunday After Pentecost 1865

5 SUNDAY Twenty-second after Pentecost, semidouble. Second prayers of the Octave. White. Vespers of the Sunday, commemoration of the Octave. [In Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, Plenary Indulgence.]

6 Monday Of the Octave, semidouble. Second prayers of the Holy Ghost, Third prayers for the Church or the Pope. White.

7 Tuesday Of the Octave, semidouble. Second prayers of the Holy Ghost, Third prayers for the Church or the Pope. White.

8 Wedn. The Octave of All Saints, double. Second prayers of the Four Holy Crowned Martyrs. White.

The Indulgence ends

9 Thursday The Dedication of the Basilica of St Saviour, double. Second prayers of St Theodore, Martyr. Creed. White.

10 Friday St Andrew Avellino, Confessor, semidouble. Second prayers of Sts Trypho and Companions, Martyrs.  Third prayers A cunctis. White. Abstinence. [In Diocese of Beverley. Fourth prayers for the Bishop.]

11 Saturday St Martin, Bishop Confessor, double. Second prayers of St Mennas, Martyr. White.

The Rev John Charles Kemp serves the parish of St Pancras in Ipswich.  High Mass and Sermon on Sunday at 11.00, Catechism and Instruction at 3.00. Vespers with sermon and Benediction at 6.30.  On Holydays High Mass and Sermon at 11.00. Vespers and Benediction at 7.30. On weekdays Mass at 8.00. On Thursday night prayers, sermon and Benediction at 7.30.

Fr Francis Leeder is Parish Priest in 2017.  Anticipated Mass is at 6.30 on Saturday. Mass on Sunday at 9.30 and 11.00.  Weekday Mass at 7.30 am (Monday), 9.30 am (Tuesday), 7.00 am (Wedneesday), 12.15 pm (Thursday), 7.00 am (Friday), 10.45 am (Saturday). Confessions: Tuesday after Mass; Saturday 11.00 to 11.30 and after the 6.30 Mass.