21 December 2007

A Special Feast of the Holy Family for Spain

On 1100 on 30 December, thousands, millions, of Spaniards will gather in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid to celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. The Holy Father will speak to them live from Rome.

Please pray for the Church in Spain at this time, and encourage anybody you know who might be in Madrid that Sunday to take part. The Spanish Government needs to understand that the Church is strong and united.

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Anonymous said...

4 anyone as might b intersted in why:
problems catholic families spain obviously nowt compared Sufferings bloodshed persecution & grinding down in stillcommunistruled china, the sudan, other moslem countries esp middle east etc.Check that out.
Much or all follwing will seem familiar to English and other readers, tis the way the west is going, nay the church even is infected here and there.
Abortions up and up, even on term babies, not any worse of course, just shows how the devil is blunting common sensibilities. Divorce through the roof. Educational " reforms" condom handouts in schools and "advice" now routine younger and uncontested, nay, approved of, marriage between homosexuals now so called with all legal rights including adoption, let alone housing and family benefits which irritates, via shenanigans indirect control by governing party of all tv radio national newspapers bar 2 independant not very catholic newspapers, legal efforts to close catholic radio, all said media anticatholic anti faith anti god anti family nun comes on screen you're supposed to laugh as kneejerk mention pope and spit legislation for "citizenship education" new this school year includes eg "psychosocial activities" meaning dance for 1st yr secondary, them as dance with same sex taken as indication of gender choice then taught how give pleasure same sex, persecution of families and kids thereof exercising constitutional right of objection to this subject, fail marks all round, simple attendance this subject ensures passes and high marks,parliamentary sitting a few days ago ended illegalizing parents existing rights to smack bottoms within reason or even verbally talkingto, slaps and smacks or talkingsto now grevious harm which they'll prosecute selectively nodoubt writer these lines has already broken this law, 2 million moslems treated kid gloves token prosecutions abt one per 3 yrs nationally of clitoris ablators while new law removes aught antitrendy such as crucifixes from anywhere.....
Natch, always been them around as wanted and supported all this, thing is a majority of voters now vote for it all& see no wrong, problem is society not govt although govt undoubtedly makes it worse.
Bishops finally moving in unison, pulling all stops to encourage this madrid gathering including giving space to what many bishops positively disencourage. A large number on but the one moment openly in madrid is not to save souls of itself, but it's a necessary move at this juncture.
Please include this in yr prayers for the chuch and the world.