23 February 2008

The Westminster Stakes - The Book Reopens

Paddy Power has reopened his book on the next Archbishop of Westminster. One big surprise is Dom Hugh Gilbert entering the race as second favourite at 4-1. Nearly everybody else's odds lengthen, though, inexplicably to me at least, Fr Timothy Radcliffe stays at 6-1, and is now joint third favourite: surely nobody is putting money on him!

Rumours about Fr Aidan Nichols' health may have lengthened his odds, though his new book could be seen as a manifesto for what he would do as Archbishop.

Three of the top six, and four of the top ten are members of religious orders.

Cardinal Pell's star seems to be fading.

Anyway: here's the list.

Rt Rev Vincent Nichols 2-1 (7-2)
Dom Hugh Gilbert 4-1
Rt Rev Kevin McDonald 6-1 (5-1) (7-2)
Rt Rev Alan Hopes 6-1 (11-2)
Fr Timothy Radcliffe 6-1 (10-1) (6-1)
Bishop William Kenney 8-1 (15-2) (6-1)
Cardinal Pell 12-1 (10-1)
Fr Aidan Nichols 12-1 (11-1) (5-1) (6-1)
Rt Rev Arthur Roche 12-1 (10-1) (12-1)
Rt Rev Peter Smith 12-1
Archbishop Michael Louis Fitzgerald 14-1 (12-1) (10-1) (12-1)
Rt Rev Patrick Kelly 14-1 (12-1) (10-1) (12-1)
Rt Rev Bernard Longley 14-1 (12-1)
Rt Rev Michael Evans 20-1 (16-1)
Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue 20-1 (16-1)
Bishop George Stack 20-1 (16-1)
Fr Christopher Jamison 20-1
Bishop John Rawsthorne 25-1 (20-1)
Bishop John Patrick Crowley Non-runner (33-1)


On the side of the angels said...

and although I have no desire to be detractive or repeat anything...

Anonymous said...

I understand that the resason for Cardinal Pell's recent visits to the UK is that the Holy Father is taking advice from him to check the accuracy of reports from the Nuncio.

Anonymous said...

If Cardinal Pell is doing this, then that is good news - provided that he sees through some of the nonsense he will be told by and about leading members of our hierarchy.