27 July 2009

What Do Others Write About?

It's fun: click on the pictures to see what bloggers have been blogging about.

Fr Ray:

Fr Tim:

Fr Z:



Fr Ray Blake said...

How da ya do that then?

Mulier Fortis said...

Interesting... but not particularly accurate as I've only mentioned Amnesty in one post in all the years I've been blogging...

...but I'm honoured to have been included in such exalted company!

Ttony said...
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Ttony said...

I did it here. Bear in mind it only looks at what's on your front page, not at the others.

Mac: you say the word "Amnesty" five times in your post. Wordle is a word counter.

If you have the patience, try the first section (say) of Caritas in Veritate, as more structured documents are what wordles are better suited to.

But they are primarily meant to be fun.