06 October 2010

Bad Words

Musing on the discussion over at Fr Ray's about the "'Catholic' Press" in this country, my mind wandered and I started to think about words which, when uttered in a context which is supposed to be Catholic, today, in 2010, immediately make my knee jerk, make me think that here is somewhere I don't want to go.

Why don't you have a play?

Spirit of Vatican II
A / The Church (ie without an article when it should have one)
Estelle White
Priest, Prophet, King
South Coast
Easter People
Young Church
Catholics for ...
Press release from the Catholic Bishops' Conference
Worship group
Music Group
Youth Mass
Liturgy Group
Parochial Church Council
Pray, my brothers and sisters, ...
"In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" "Amen" "Good Morning everybody" "Good Morning Father" "To prepare ourselves ..."
Martin Luther King
Lay Minister
Minister of the Eucharist
Minister of the Word
Ministry of the Apparition (OK - I made that one up)
Holy Table
"We together, as God's people"
"Lord, you know ..."
Third World
Developing World
Developing countries

I'll stop there, having managed to boost my blood pressure up to the point where I know my heart is still working properly.


Anagnostis said...

I did a similar kind of Devil's Dictionary years ago, which Christian Order published. I can remember only one of the definitions:

Tabernacle: A special kind of cupboard for the use of Extraordinary Ministers; always in the way, no matter where you put it.

Rubricarius said...

'Holy Table' is the term used by both Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholics for what in the West we call the altar.

Pedant said...

In our diocese everyone has been told to say "Pray, my sisters and brothers," in that order.
In a church in Doncaster we were told that "Little Church will be with us soon." I had all kinds of images in my mind as to who, or what, was Little Church. All was revealed at the Offertory when the kiddies arrived with their banners and fancy dress. This, was 'Little Church'.
Youth Ministry is another which brings on the shakes. And Co-workers for the Kingdom.
Finally, I must admit I have a smile at the multitude of spelling mistakes in our parish bulletins which occur week after week. This week we have a large range of Christmas goods available from Pity (piety).

Mike Cliffson said...

Most perfectly good words, once:
as in mission statemement
judgemental (as about abortion mills)
any combination, of which the one we had the wheels d fallen off of:
A committed affirmative pastoral advocacy mission statement outreach campaign

Anita Moore said...

I'd add plural forms of words that are usually singular, like "spiritualities." Also: "pastoral." And then there is all the grammatical gymnastics in order to avoid using the male pronoun in reference to God, as in: "May the Lord accept the Sacrifice at your hands, for the praise and glory of God's name, for our good and for all God's church."

Rita said...

I'd add: gather, team, celebrate and the phrases "Jesus' friends" and "pastoral area", oh an any euphamism for Sin, is is such a difficult word to say?

Anita Moore said...

Rita, a few years ago, when I dissected the program for the Religious Ed. Conference in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I plugged in the word "sin" to see how many times it occurred in the program...it occurred about 4 or 5 times, all but one of which was the Spanish word sin, "without."

JARay said...

So CHRISTIAN ORDER published your list!!!
I still have my copy of the errors of Orthodoxy published by Christian Order.

Anagnostis said...


Yes John! Another essay too, of which I can't recall even the subject. And The Times published my defence of Archbishop Lefebvre! So grateful that the errors of Orthodoxy have delivered me from all that.

Ernie Skillen said...

New ways of being church
The presbyterate
Social justice
Table of the Word
Breaking the Word together
Gathering song
Pope John XXIII
The Eucharistic Celebration

Caroline said...

Core team
Small Church Community
"A place at the Table"

Excuse me..... I must go throw up now......

Left-footer said...

Today we remember the dead in a VERY SPECIAL WAY (All Souls)

Our Lord is present IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY (Er..maybe Transubstantiation?)

both heard frequently in Southwark.

Pastor in Monte said...

May the Adur Valley have an exemption from 'South Coast', please?
lol; great list.
'sisters and brothers' really needs to appear.

Dilly said...

Oils of Gladness/healing/whatever
That thingy where the priest cant be bothered to say Mass on a Saturday so a layman 'leads" a "service" and distributes Communion
Albs (polyester)
Taize (sorry)

Felix said...

accept (the sins of various groups)

and references to a movie that Father has seen recently

but why object to "priest, prophet, king"? is this because it's a needless variation of the traditional "prophet, priest, and king"?

Latin Mass contact said...

Minister of the environment (aka cleaner)

Anita Moore said...


"Priest, prophet and king" -- true as they are -- are nevertheless trotted out by people whose agenda includes abolishing the distinctions between clergy and laity. It is related to the unwarranted expansion of the concept of the common priesthood of the faithful.

Anagnostis said...

Neo-protestantism "abolishing the distinctions between clergy and laity" is obviously wrong. However, it's essential to recognise that, as with paleo-Protestantism, "it is related to the unwarranted expansion of the concept of the ministerial priesthood over the faithful."

The corroded rivets are popping on the Iron Beehive of Trent, that's all. Reformation Mk.II (cf Pastor in Valle's recent post on Modernism).