10 July 2011

Like An SSN

I feel not unlike an SSN at the moment - "Run Silent, Run Deep".

I'm back again for a few days before probably having to disappear off for another fortnight or so: meanwhile little or no access to the Interblog.

But here's a thought to be going on with: are any of the Bishops in England and Wales engaging in any way with any of the issues which predominate in the E&W Catholic blogosphere?  And why not?

I began to wonder whether it might be interesting to look at the way News International was forced to mend its ways (and how!) and see whether they might not be lessons for us to identify and learn.


Rita said...

I have been in conversation with two Bishops in recent weeks. One was just run off his feet with Confirmations and wasn't really thinking about much else, the other was exceedingly well informed and interested in those concerns that also seem to occupy the more articulate end of the Catholic interblogs.

One was an Ango-Catholic "flying bishop" the other a Catholic auxialliary bishop, bet you can't guess which one was which.

BTW: you are sounding more and more like some "international man of mystery", you'll have people thinking you work for the "magic doughnut" in Cheltenham.

Ttony said...

International man of mystery! I couldn't possibly comment (other than to remember Abraham Lincoln about fooling some of the people etc), but I can't help thinking that an IMoM might be able to persuade rather more people at least to read some of what he was writing, never mind actually make them stop and think about it, than I ever will!

But I will buy some vermouth in order to make myself a dry martini this weekend!

Left-footer said...

Shaken, not stirred, of course, as I am by modern liturgical music.