26 June 2013

Uncharacteristic Silence

I am working hard at trying to work out what I think people thought was wrong with the Liturgy post-WWII and pre-VII and whether they were right or wrong, and what I think people should have thought was wrong PWWIIAPVII, and what in fact I think was wrong.  It is, anglice, doing my head in, not least because I am going to have to come to a view and only an Anglican seems to get it like no Catholic does.

So forgive the uncharacteristic silence: I do have a view on absolutely everything, but am trying to concentrate.


Anonymous said...

As a teenager and young adult in the 1950s I never heard any priest,
nun or Catholic opinion former
express the slightest dissatisfaction with the liturgy.
I was teaching in a Catholic school all through V2 and it was a great shock when the first changes
came in in Advent 1964. I was then, and remain completely opposed to them.
The last 49 years have been a
penitential test of faith. I hope
my reward will be in Heaven.

Damask Rose said...

Go for it.

I found your threads on the 1980s National Pastoral Council an eye opener. I was a teenager then, and remember the laity seemingly suddenly to elbow the priests out of the way. Now I know why...

Keep the articles coming.

Anonymous said...

You can read through the (UK) Catholic Herald's archives online...in the 1950s you'll see the occasional letter from members of the Vernacular Society.