22 November 2013

Richard III's Reburial: Worst Of All Options

There is a piece on the BBC's website about Dr Buckle, a "mediaeval music expert and liturgical adviser" to those planning Richard III's reburial.  She has found something which will allow the powers that be to reconstruct the rites which should have been afforded to Richard III's remains on their transfer to a proper tomb.

I can't think of any worse option: a pastiche of a ceremony carried out by people who don't believe in its efficacy and who do not have the power to effect what the rite is intended for. 

What a depressing start to the day.

Link now working - thanks to Lazarus.

But while I've got you: why would an Anglican Cathedral need a mediaeval music expert to be its liturgical advisor?  Does the CofE not think that it has any of its own?  (And, although I'm no expert, aren't we into the Renaissance in 1485 rather than the mediaeval period?)


Lazarus said...

Ttony, couldn't get the link to work -but is this it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24643787

Agree with your sentiments, though. I remember dragging my children through the National Museum of Scotland when younger, fuming at the descriptions of what Catholics 'used to' believe and do, an irony increased by our having invariably just been to Sunday Mass. A lot of that in Dr Buckle's article.

Mike Cliffson said...

Now the link is working I share your disgust.