26 November 2015

The CBCEW's Request To Reword The Good Friday Prayer For The Jews: Worse Than It Looks

If the Bishops' Conference has indeed petitioned the Vatican for a rewriting of the Good Friday prayer for the Jews in the Extraordinary Form, it means that all those new Bishops, who, we were told, were turning back years of Spirit of Vatican II, and were inaugurating a new period of respect for the Tradition of the Church, didn't think that a bit of Supersessionism and disrespect for Benedict XVI was problematic enough to rock the boat for. 

How much should we therefore put on them standing up for Marriage?



Left-footer said...

Not much, I fear.

We must fight the good fight.

Genty said...

Those new bishops are vastly outnumbered by the old guard who went quiet under Benedict but have emerged from their burrows under Francis. A certain cardinal makes no secret of his thoughts on re-arranging marriage.