28 December 2019

Pre-1910 Calendar for the End of the Year 29 - 31 December



Rubricarius said...

Thank you for posting this series. I have found both the actual content of the Ordo of great interest and also its orthography and general layout.

As a compiler of a more modern Ordo I find the style prolix and suspect many today would not necessarily be able to fully follow its directions, particularly the implicit ones. E.g. this week on both the 30th and 31st there would be commemorations of the Octaves of St. Thomas, St. Stephen, St. John and the SS Innocents, and on Tuesday of the Lord's Nativity too.

What is sad is something that would have be witnessed and understood in essence, if not in technical detail, a few generations ago is now incomprehensible to the majority of church-attending Catholics.

The Flying Dutchman said...

Thanks for posting this series. I have enjoyed following the liturgical year pre-1910. Happy new year!

The Flying Dutchman said...

By the way, the instructions are pretty clear and not that difficult to follow. For instance, there’s a clear reference to the five octaves on the 30th. If you have more of the same, I’ll be following with interest.