29 January 2023

Pre-1910 Calendar for Week Beginning 29 January

The Feast of Devotion of the Purification is announced

29 SUNDAY Fourth after Epiphany, St Francis de Sales, double. Second prayers and last Gospel of the Sunday. White. Second Vespers of St Francis to the Little Chapter, thence of St Martina, with commemorations of St Francis and the Sunday. Red.

30 Monday St Martina, Virgin Martyr, double. Red.

31 Tuesday St Peter Nolasco, Confessor, double. White.

FEBRUARY has 28 days

1 Wednesday St Ignatius, Bishop Martyr, double. Red.

2 Thursday (FEASTDAY OF DEVOTION) THE PURIFICATION OF THE BVM, double of the second class, Creed, Preface of Christmas. White. Plenary Indulgence.

Before Mass the Candles are blessed and there is a procession. The celebrant wears a violet cope, and the sacred ministers wear folded chasubles without maniples.

After Compline, Ave Maria until Maundy Thursday

3 Friday St Paul, First Hermit, double (transferred from 15 January). Second prayers of St Blaise Bishop Martyr. White. Abstinence.

4 Saturday St Andrew Corsini, Bishop Confessor, double. White.

On all Sundays from now until Easter the Gloria is not said and the Alleluia is replaced by the Tract, even on the feasts of Saints.

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