11 July 2007

Fr Dwight scores a 180!

Fr Dwight posts as follows:

'B16 says in Jesus of Nazareth, "The Scriptures can only rightly be interpreted in the lives of the saints."

Doesn't that just kick you? Not first and foremost textual criticism. Not redaction criticism. Not the historico-critical method. Not psychological interpretations or feminist interpretations or lesbi gay trans reading. Not the Schofield reference Bible or Mrs Baker Eddy or the Watchtower or the five points of Calvinism or whatever else interpretative method you want.

Scripture is rightly interpreted in the lives of the saints. I love it. Scripture is a living book of the Holy Spirit and it is through the life of the Church and the teaching of the Church and most of all in the Truth incarnated lives of the saints that the same Holy Spirit who inspired the Scriptures is at work in the lives of ordinary men and women, and therefore still at work in the world.'

This has been ringing in my head since I first read it at the weekend: it is so right. A hat tip to Fr Dwight for bringing it to my attention.

I am increasingly awestruck that I live in the times in which God has raised Josef Ratzinger to be the Servant of the Servants of God. I mentioned to a friend yesterday that having three weeks off to think and pray might refresh the Pope to the point at which he comes out with lots more of the stuff he has been coming out with this year.

Can we take it? You bet!

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