22 July 2007

Harry Potter 7 - no spoilers here

The best yet. I spent all day yesterday reading it. I have spent some of today rereading crucial bits. The good news is that JK Rowling has left herself plenty of wiggle room to allow for further books.

I'm happy to discuss the book offline, but I reckon we should leave a week before we start talking about the contents in public.


Anonymous said...

A middle-aged, overweight, and balding Harry remains in hiding from the evil Lord Woldemort; nonetheless, he feels it is safe to meet briefly with his old friends.

As he and Ron await what's-her-name's arrival in the back of a little roadside diner, they notice a mysterious looking stranger coming out of the men's room.

Harry looks up, apparently because she has arrived, having suceeded in parallel parking her broom.

Then the screen goes black, followed by the closing credits.

Oh, wait...

fr paul harrison said...

I am not a fan of the books but I am amazed and pleased that it has got so many young people reading long stories and books. This is despite education and youth work gurus who tell us that most youngsters prefer things short and quick.