21 November 2010

Divide And Rule: Editor Of Osservatore Romano Beats Pope

I've no idea what the Pope said about condoms in his interview.  Neither, I suspect, does anybody in the media or the blogosphere with a tiny number of exceptions among those who have advance copies of the book before its release on Tuesday.

So what has the editor of the Osservatore Romano achieved?  Well: he has established the narrative to accompany the Pope's book, because whatever he says will now be ignored by the world's media, who "know" that the book is about "condoms prevent AIDS".  He has divided conservative Catholics who are now in disarray about what our Church's teaching actually is.  And he has destroyed the impact of the first ever long interview with a Pope.

Either the man is an idiot, or he has done it on purpose to spike the launch of the book, and to distract even the most faithful from it.  And looking around the Internet today, I reckon he's been rather successful.


Mike Cliffson said...

"Either the man is an idiot, or he has done it on purpose"
Surely Ttony, the question is bootless.The cloud of unknowing sums it up, "of no man's soul may ye judge, but of men's ACTS may ye judge, whether they be for good or ill."
One might need a moral theologian to work out at what point on the journey of a soul beginning to awake from pure selfishness, the forcible removal from the scene of, say, objectively asking-for-it editors of certain rather special organs of the dead-tree-press could be considered as an early sign of movements towards a fully moral life in the bosom of the one true church, where perhaps the more saintly course would be to merely remove the man from his postion.
Jokes aside, I know the morn EXACTLY what comments Im going to get from my colleagues.
Which has zero importance compared to souls being led astray.

Felix said...

the editor of L'Osso Rom has previously done stoopid things, such as call Homer a Catholic

this stunt takes him to a bigger league

the real question is - will the guy still be in his job next month?

if so, then the Vatican's worse than useless