12 December 2010

Wikileaks And The Vatican

What is more important than Francis Campbell's views on the effect of the invitation to come to full communion with Rome, is that the US Embassy to the Vatican is dependent on the British Ambassador to get information about what Rome thinks.

This must be unprecedented in the hostory of US-Vatican relations: think about what this means.

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Mike Cliffson said...

Many reflections..., starting with blind leading blind..
Can't see it happening under Palin or any of the new leaders the States is throwing up...(pretty automatically, anyone the MSM spiton at mention, they're prolifers and a good thing on investigation.
How about Voris for president, I mean he's not running, but..)
In Macmillan's time they were fatuously talking about being Greece to America as Rome, or even - I was in favour for a while - becoming the next several states. Examine the idea again : We could do (are doing?) worse. Better inside the tent pissing out..
Let alone that whilst the worst of the catholic phenomen there are weirder and wilder,compared to the seemingly unremitting gray of the Uk at a national level, yet are the more orthodox dioceses the bolder and better and more numerous and they got some ace Bishops - to this undeiscerning sinner's eyes, anyroad, What the Holy Ghost feels Im not privy to.
We live in interesting times.