01 April 2017

Passion Sunday 1865

2 PASSION SUNDAY, semidouble. Second prayers for the Church or Pope. Violet. First Vespers of St Richard, Meruit supremos, commemoration of the Sunday. White.] [In Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle Plenary Indulgence.]

3 Monday St Richard, Bishop Confessor, double. White.

4 Tuesday St Isidore, Bishop Confessor, double. Creed. White.

5 Wednesday St Vincent Ferrer, Confessor, double. White.

6 St Francis of Paula, Confessor, double of the second class. White.

7 Friday The Seven Dolours of the BVM, greater double. Creed. Preface of the BVM. White. Plenary Indulgence.

8 Saturday Feria. Violet.

The Parish of Our Lady Immaculate and St Cuthbert in Crook is served by the Rev Thomas W Wilkinson.  Mass on Sundays and Holydays at 8.30 and 10.30. Vespers and Benediction at 6.00. Benediction on all Days of Devotion, Feasts of Patrons, and every Thursday at 7.30. Weekday Mass at 8.00. Devotions every evening. Procession of the Confraternity of the Rosary on the first Sunday at 6.00.

In 2017 the parish is served by the Rev Gordon Ryan.  On Sunday Mass is at 10.30.  Anticipated Mass is at St Thomas, Wolsingham at 5.30, and Mass is also said at St Joseph, Tow Law on Sunday at 9.00. See bulletin for times of Masses and Eucharistic Services in the three churches. Confessions before Thursday evening Mass at Our Lady and St Cuthbert when that Mass is celebrated. Stations of the Cross on Fridays of Lent in all three churches.


Rubricarius said...

"Holy Week was wrecked during the Pontificate of Pius XII as the Roman Calendar was wrecked during Pius X's."

Now that must be one of the most succinct and apposite summaries of twentieth century liturgical reform ever written. I would be inclined to substitute Breviary for Calendar mind or just add it.

Anonymous said...

From Ttony in transit.

Bear in mind that my focus is the experience of Church for the Catholic in the pew. Yours (if I may presume)is the structure of the Liturgy. But underlying what we both care about is, I think, Lex orandi Lex credendi.

Rubricarius said...

Of course, I see that and agree with you - the greatest impact following 1911-13 would have been the Calendar to the person in the pew.

WRT Lex orandi, lex credendi - absolutely, its reversal was a disaster.

Apologies for posting my comments on the wrong thread!