25 March 2023

Pre-1910 Calendar for Week Beginning 26 March

The Easter Indulgence is announced

+ 26 PASSION SUNDAY, semidouble. Second prayers for the Church or Pope. Violet.

Hexham and Newcastle The Octave is not commemorated.

Plymouth Vespers of the Five Holy Wounds with commemoration of Passion Sunday. Red.

27 Monday Feria. Violet

Hexham and Newcastle Octave of St Cuthbert Confessor Bishop, double. Creed. White

Plymouth The Five Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, greater double. Creed. Preface of the Cross. Red.

28 Tuesday Feria. Violet

29 Wednesday Feria. Violet

30 Thursday Feria. Violet

31 Friday The Seven Dolours of the BVM, greater double. Creed. Preface of the BVM. White. Plenary Indulgence.

1 Saturday Mass of the Saturday. Violet

Clifton, Menevia-Newport, Plymouth Principal Mass is Votive Mass of Our Lady on Saturday (even if offered for grave matters), Gloria, one prayer, Creed; followed by Litany of the BVM, and if possible Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. White.


Rubricarius said...

The Octave, in Lent, for Hexham and Newcastle is interesting. I remember looking into a few years ago when I noticed it. The SRC indicated that no new such ones would be approved. Even more interesting is that it, in effect, disappears on Passion Sunday, except in concurrence.

Ttony said...

In Hexham and Newcastle St Cuthbert, rather than St George is 'Patron' (at Suffrages) rather than St George: might that make a difference?

I have a copy of the resolutions of the Synods of Westminster (the Synods of the Church in England and Wales 1852, 1855, 1859 and 1873), and it is frustrating that the Calendar isn't addressed in them. Something must have been arranged at the time of the restoration of the Hierarchy because England and Wales started to use their own calendar then instead of that of Rome.