07 November 2008

The Westminster Stakes: An Odd Rumour

I've heard this three or four times now, and Paddy hasn't. I'd have put it down to wishful thinking, except those passing on the message aren't wishful thinkers. I'd try putting it down to wishful thinking on the part of their interlocutors, but the one chain of speculation along which I managed to travel three links is distinguished by its sobriety, rather than by its vivid imagination. But I still can't believe it!

If this rumour is true, then Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue, soon to be Emeritus Bishop of Lancaster, will be asked by the Holy Father to step upwards for a short (3-4 year) period.

Yes, he is about to be 75; yes, his resignation from Lancaster has been accepted; yes, his successor there has been announced. But, if you are Sovereign Pontiff, so what?

You can see why my first response was "wishful thinking".

This wouldn't be a vote for PO'D the financial genius, or for PO'D the Prelate who keeps churches open: he isn't perfect.

This would be a vote for PO'D the writer; PO'D the author of "Fit for Mission"; and for the concepts and ideas contained within it.

You can see why my first response was "wishful thinking". And don't I wish!


the mother of this lot said...

Can I 'wishful think' with you please?

Ches said...

As long as he takes some of the superstars from his diocesan set up and gets good support for administration, I would be happy to see that too.

Anonymous said...

Yes please!

A few years for Patrick O'Donoghue,he is the best man to repair the damage done in recent years, once done he can retire, hopefully by then another bright spark will emerge.

PJA said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!
In fairness, he inherited a diocese in decline, so he can't be blamed for the church closures.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
You've made my eveing!

On the side of the angels said...

I'm getting out my rosary now - and yes please MOTL ; let him take Fr LR with him ; and if possible his two friends Frs PB and DB too - then we'd see incredible change !!

Anonymous said...

Marvellous possibility! Pray that it happens.

umblepie said...


fr paul harrison said...

One hates to quibble - but the finincial problems of our diocese were not of his making - he inherited them from the previous regime. He had to sort it all out.

fr paul harrison