30 July 2008

From Ecône To Rome

Blogging is sometimes a way for great truths to be expounded. Here a Mancunian (even if his vocation is universal, you can't take Manchester out of the boy) blogger tells a great truth to the world about the SSPX and the Church.

There is no rancour: indeed, no need for rancour. This is a humbling story which disproves (without ever setting out to disprove) the canard we sometimes still face of Catholics having to give up our intelligence to belong to our Church.

There is room for a UK branch of the Good Shepherd Institute: I'd love to see a Bishop who might invite the Institute to set one up.


JARay said...

I too was very impressed with Dr. Brian Sudlow's clear, concise reasoning and have said so on his Blog.

Anagnostis said...

Yes: the SSPX defer absolutely to the judgement of the Church; with the proviso that only those who understand the nature of the "crisis" (i.e. the SSPX) are able to judge what the judgement of the Church really is.

Dr Sudlow's take on this increasingly sorry saga is the most intelligent, useful and genuinely charitable I've come across in recent years.

The SSPX held their line with remarkable steadiness, until the time for rendering their account arrived and they elected to refuse. They can only get weirder, smaller and nastier now.

What a waste.