31 July 2008

Miliband: Not One Of Us

From the Telegraph, here.

"Miliband was brought up in an intensely political household as his father Ralph was the Marxist intellectual. The house, in Primrose Hill in north London where Miliband now lives, was a meeting place of the left-wing intellectuals.


Miliband, a devout atheist, had forged his reputation as a policy wonk at the Left-leaning Institute for Public Policy Research and was headhunted to became Tony Blair's head of policy at Downing Street. "


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Would you mind adding my new blog & I will add your link?

Many thanks..

Anonymous said...

Didn't his grandfather fight in the Bolshy revolution, leaving family in Europe to do so.

I have to say this man makes me very uneasy. He does not appear to me to have any love for this country. His first love seems to be his own left-wing atheistic ideology. I hope Brown gets rid of him.